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Group 7: Jesus

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Group 7: Eric, Kevin, Gina, Christopher P. and Divya




Jesus of Nazareth (c 4 BC/BCE – c 30 AD/CE) also known as Jesus Christ or occasionally Jesus the Christ is the central figure of Christianity. Within most Christian denominations Jesus is venerated as the Son of God and as God incarnate. Christians also view him as the Messiah foretold in the Old Testament; however, Judaism rejects these claims. Islam considers Jesus a prophet and also the Messiah while several other religions revere him in some way.


Christian views of Jesus (see also Christology) center on the belief that Jesus is divine, is the Messiah whose coming was prophesied in the Old Testament, and that he was resurrected after his crucifixion. Theologian and bishop Lesslie Newbigin says "the whole of Christian teaching would fall to the ground if it were the case that the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus were not events in real history but stories told to illustrate truths which are valid apart from these happenings."Christians do predominantly believe that Jesus is the "Son of God" (generally meaning that he is God the Son, the second person in the Trinity) who came to provide salvation and reconciliation with God by his death for their sins. Other Christian beliefs include Jesus' virgin birth, performance of miracles, ascension into Heaven, and a future Second Coming. While the doctrine of the Trinity is accepted by most Christians, a few groups reject the doctrine of the Trinity, wholly or partly, as non-scriptural.





Jesus suffered and died for us on the cross.


Jesus is our Lord and Savior.




This is a picture of the last supper; Jesus and his disciples share their last meal before Jesus is nailed to the cross.



Jesus and the Gospels



Gospel of Matthew: The Gospel of Matthew is the first book that appears to us in the New Testament and is divided into eight different sections that follow the life of Jesus Christ.  The first section of the gospel tells us about His geneaology.  The gospel of Matthew claims that Jesus is a descendant of King David. The second section of the gospel describes the beginning of Jesus' ministry as well as His baptism and His temptation by Satan in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights.  Section three, four, and five take place in Galilee where Jesus claims his 12 Apostles, preaches The Beatitudes and performs mircales, such as feeding five thousand people with five loafs of bread and two fish. He also teaches mutliple subjects. Some of these subjects include: adultery, divorce, and judgement.  The sixth section of Matthew tells of the return of Jesus to Galilee and the predition of His death.  Section seven begins with Jesus arriving in Jerusalem riding on the back of a donkey.  As the section continues it goes through Jesus' trial, eventually ending with his cruxifiction on the cross.  This represents Him sacraficing himself for all the sins of the world.  In the last section of the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus performs the resurrection. 




Gospel of Mark: The Gospel of Mark is the second of the four gospels and is seperated into seven sections describing the life and works carried out by Jesus.  The first section starts with a quote from Isiah and John the Baptist, who prophesied the coming of Jesus, the Messiah.  This section goes on to discuss the baptism and temptation of Jesus.  The second section begins with Jesus calling for his twelve disciples to follow him for his ministry.  Jesus starts performing miracles during this section.  Section three depicts his departure from Galilee with his disciples and also the miracle of feeding five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fish.  This sections also includes the miracle of Jesus walking on water, Peter's confession that Jesus is the Messiah, the transfiguration, and Jesus' prediction of his death and resurrection.  Section Four tells of Jesus going to Capernaum and preaching to his disciples on many subjects, such as who is the greatest.  The fifth section is when Jesus goes to Judea.  He teaches on many different subjects, restores the sight of a blind man who displays faith, and again predicts his death and resurrection to his disciples.  Section six explains his entrance into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey.  It then goes on to discuss his time in Jerusalem.  Jesus answers questions, tells parables, and gives people warnings.  The Last Supper is also shown in this section.  Jesus is then arrested, tried, and nailed on the cross.  The last section details the resurrection of Jesus from his burial tomb.



Gospel of Luke: The Gospel of Luke is the thrid gospel and is organized into eight sections displaying the life, ministry, and miracles of Jesus.  The first section begins with an introduction explaining the purpose of the Gospel.  The second section describes the birth of Christ and some events in Jesus childhood.  The third section describes the events leading up to Jesus public works, including his baptism and his temptation.  This marked the beginning of Jesus' public ministry.  Section four shows Jesus calling for his twelve apostles and performing miracles.  Throughout this section, Jesus displayed his authority given to him by God, including the authority to forgive sins.  This section also describes Jesus' teaching and lessons that are vital to living according to God.  The fifth section descirbes the miracle of Jesus feeding five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fish and Peter confessing that Jesus is the Messiah.  This section also describes the Transfiguration.  Section six outlines the ministry of Jesus in Judea.  Here he teaches his followers discipleship, how to pray effectively to God, and he tells his disciples to repent or to perish.  The seventh section describes the many teachings and miracles of Jesus,  Jesus often uses parables to give lessons on living.  The eighth and final section of Luke's Gospel describes the important details of Jesus trial, crucifixion, and resurrection.  Throughout the section, Jesus gives many final lessons on how to live and how to rely on God.  The section ends with the details of Jesus resurrection and his ascension into heaven.




Gospel of John: The Gospel of John is the last book of the four gospels.  Unlike the Gospel of Matthew which is divided into eight sections, the Gospel of John his composed of 21 chapters.  The first chapter of John may be one of the most important chapters of the gospel.  In the first chapter John the Baptist preaches that Jesus is "the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world".





The next chapter in the Gospel of John is just as significant as the first chapter because it tells us about one of Jesus' first miracle.  This is the miracle of changing water into wine at a friend's wedding in Cana.  In the chapter Jesus also predicts His cruxifiction on the cross and His resurrection.  In the third chapter John writes about the significance of Jesus living on the Earth. For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved."



Jesus is our lord and savior, and the messiah. He sacrificed his life for us, and was crucified and died on the cross.



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After he asked his disciples for this cultural opinion-poll regarding his identity, Jesus brought the question down to a more personal level, “who do you say I am?” After being discouraged by the inputs of society, Jesus asked this question to his disciple, who had known him more personally over the past three years. 

Simon Peter, one of Jesus’ closest disciples, responded with a unique perspective, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God." Jesus’ response to Peter is interesting, "Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by man, but by my Father in heaven.” Jesus made a clear distinction between these two sets of answers. He indicated that the first set of answers came from the opinions of people. Yet, Peter’s answer, he declared, was revealed to him by God. Jesus declared Peter’s declaration as being correct. He was the Christ, God’s chosen deliverer, and even God come in human flesh.

This is only one of many things the Bible records that Jesus said about himself. His claims would be easily dismissed were it not for the things he did to back them up. The question of who is Jesus Christ remains a relevant one today not only because of what he said and taught. Jesus stands out as a pivotal figure in human history because of how he lived his life, how he died and perhaps most importantly because of what the historical records say happened following his death.


Song Lyrics Associated With Jesus




There's a place, in Heaven

Prepared for me

When the toils o this life is over

When the saints are clothed in white

Before the throne

Singin praises forever forever more

In my fathers house

There are mansions bright

If he said it

Then I know it's true

There's a place for me

Beyond beyond the sky

Brothers & sisters there's one for you

Jesus he promised me a home over there

Jesus promised me a home over there

No more sickness, sorrow, pain, because

He promised me a home over there

Oh Jesus promised me a home over there

Jesus promised me a home over there

No more sickness, or sorrow, pain, again


Jesus promised me a home over there 



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